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The Trust has been busy and we want to share all the good news, struggles, and highlights!
Annie Beck House Update – We Need Your Help!
As you know, our beloved house is more than 100 years old and the maintenance is constant.
In addition to the maintenance, there have been some vandalism issues in the park as well that
add to the repair list. We are so thankful to the City of Fort Lauderdale for their upkeep of the
park, assistance with the house, and for ridding the house exterior of the chickens and rooster
that someone was keeping there! Bottom line – we are appealing to you to assist in the effort
to deal with the ongoing work that needs to take place in order to maintain the house in good
standing. Please send your tax-deductible contributions and we thank you for your generosity!
Kudos to master historic preservation carpenter Ted Arpin for all of his advice and dedication.
Also, congratulations are in order to the City and the Middle River Terrace Neighborhood
Association for securing a long-awaited KaBOOM! Playground in Middle River Terrace Park
where our house sits. Installation just east of the house is slated for June 2.
Mark Your Calendars!
Save the Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017 is the date for our 2nd Annual Historic Homes
Holiday Tour. The Broward Trust is in the beginning stages of preparation for what we hope will
even outdo last year’s event where nearly 600 attendees visited eight incredible properties!
We’ve assessed all of the feedback, pro and con, and are striving to make this year’s event
bigger and better! Also in the planning stages is our signature Gala fundraiser the evening
before (Saturday, December 2, 2017). The Gala festivities will also honor Annie Beck’s birthday

and celebrates the anniversary of her home; the milestone of one hundred and one years since
husband Alfred built it for her. If you wish to serve on the Steering Committee or volunteer to
work the event, please email us. In the meantime, check out the tour website for updates over
the next several months at www.historicholidayhometour.org

Recent Projects
Please visit our website and Facebook page for updates.
Fort Lauderdale Historic Preservation Ordinance and Staffing
For several years, the Trust participated in the City of Fort Lauderdale’s meetings concerning
the re-writing of its historic preservation ordinances. We urged the City to finalize that work
and move forward. At those meetings, the Trust strongly advocated for the hiring of a City
Historic Preservation Officer. Fort Lauderdale is a Certified Local Government (CLG), the
building stock is aging, and someone with the proper education, experience, and skills set
needed to be overseeing these issues. The Trust is so very pleased to see that the City has hired
Trish Logan (see Facebook page) as the historic preservation planner and we stand ready to
assist in any way to ensure that the myriad of historic preservation responsibilities are
addressed. Over the past few years, many of Fort Lauderdale’s mid-century modern buildings
have been lost. The Trust has urged the City to require developers to document these buildings
in a consistent fashion. Thankfully, some developers have provided historic reports to the City
for those lost buildings; but much more needs to be done.

Broward County Revives Pioneer Day
You will also remember that we supported the Broward County Historical Commission in its
appearance before the County Commission to achieve Certified Local Government status for
the County. It is great to report that the County has achieved that status and now has a Historic
Preservation Officer working with a new Historic Preservation Board. In the two years of its
existence, that Board still has three openings (out of nine) and we urge the County Commission
to fill that Board. The County’s HPB in conjunction with the Broward County Cultural Division is
presenting Pioneer Day in Parkland on May 20, 2017 from 1-4 pm; this event was a tradition of
the former Broward County Historical Commission since 1973 and we welcome its return!
Contact Michelle Oplesch at MOPLESCH@broward.org for further information.

Designation Successes and Struggles
As you know, many of Broward County’s buildings dating from the 1920s through the early 60s
are not protected against demolition or insensitive redevelopment. The mission of the Broward
Trust has been to help expand historic designations, strengthen existing protection laws for
historic preservation and to ensure that municipalities comply with their own historic

preservation ordinances. The Trust supported the efforts of many residents of Fort Lauderdale
beach who filed and supported historic designation applications on three buildings on
Alhambra Street just west of the Café Casablanca. Unfortunately, all of those buildings were
demolished by the new owner even though they were quoted in the Sun Sentinel as not in any
particular rush to develop the site. The developers of the AC Marriott Hotel on that site never
closed on the properties after gaining the City Commission approval for the hotel and the new
owner purchased all three sites from the three individual owners at that time. The Trust
testified at a City Commission and urged the City to change its code going forward and require
an approved site plan on a property prior to the issuance of a demolition permit. Recent
demolitions on the beach (as recently as April 11, 2017 on Granada Street) have negatively
impacted the aesthetics of the neighborhood and lessen the value of the property which results
in less tax revenue for the City. In addition, The Trust urged that no permits be issued when an
application is in process for historic designation – especially demolition permits.
As you know, the Trust was the applicant in requesting historic designation of The Towers
Apartments Hotel. This rather large 1925 Mediterranean Revival building, just off Las Olas
Boulevard, was designed by noteworthy architect, Francis Abreu. The good news is that both
the Historic Preservation Board and the City Commission designated the structure as historic.
The unfortunate news is that the owners have used a state statute to call for a special
magistrate to hear their “request for relief” and that process is ongoing. There was one hearing
and nothing since. The Trust is very grateful and thanks the Beverly Heights Civic Association
for its terrific support and neighborhood activism in its desire to preserve this truly unique
building in their midst. Citizens have been monitoring the building and reporting on ongoing
work there to ensure that all activity is permitted and that the Historic Preservation Board isaware of the activity.

Recently, the Trust has been supportive of the application for historic designation for the 1921
First Lutheran Evangelical Church at 441 NE Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale (the original Saint
Anthony’s). You won’t find any other examples of a building style that references Romanesque
or Romanesque Revival in the City. We have testified at both the Historic Preservation Board
and the City Commission where the meeting will be continued on May 2, 2017 and we urge
everyone to contact the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to express support for historic
designation on this unique and worthy building. Hopefully, the structure will be incorporated
into the new development plans for the site – whatever the use.
Three Trust Board members were invited to attend the annual meeting of the Riverside Park
Homeowners Association meeting and discuss the concept of a historic district for this
beautiful neighborhood (one of our homes on the 2016 holiday tour, the Marshall House, was
located there and we will return there on this year’s tour). There were a great many excellent
questions and an excellent give and take of ideas. Please feel free to contact us if you have any
questions about historic designation for your property (or neighborhood).
Pioneer House in Oakland Park is Endangered
This wonderful c.1935 frame vernacular is in danger of being demolished by the City. Please
contact the Mayor and City Commissioner and urge them to preserve this important piece of
Oakland Park’s history.

Welcome New Board Members!
A warm welcome to Erica Bennett and Hartland McDonald who have joined the Board of
Directors. Their education, energy, and activism are just what the doctor ordered and are so
Please Join Us!
We hope to find Board members from other municipalities who are vested in expanding our
reach to other parts of the County. If you would like to help in the review process of our list of
Significant and Endangered Sites in the County and focus on what we should preserve, then
please contact us. Historic preservation and development are not mutually exclusive; education
is the key to making this a win-win for all.
We have attached a membership application to this e-mail and hope that if you are not already
a member, that you will join us. Send your membership check and/or other contributions to
the Trust. We hope that if you decide to become a member, you will become actively involved
in helping us to preserve the built history in Broward, one building at a time. If any of our
issues peak your interest, please let us know.
Please know that maintaining a 100-year old house has real-life expenses such as on-going
maintenance and insurance. In addition, there are many other expenses such as legal fees and
designation applications. We are grateful for your donations and count on them to keep us
going. The Board is comprised of all volunteers and we rely on your support.
Remember we love "Likes" on Facebook and you can find us at:
facebook.com/BrowardTrustforHistoricPreservation; your thoughts, ideas, posts, historic
pictures are always welcome.
Keep "Liking" us, tell your friends and, again, don’t forget our new website at

Thank you for your support and all you do; it truly makes a difference.
Steven Glassman, President
On Behalf of the Board of Directors

BTHP Board of Directors:
Steven Glassman, President
Michaela Conca, Vice-President
Hartland McDonald, Secretary
Terry Bean, Director and Member at Large
Paul Boggess, Director and Member at Large
Dave Parker, Director and Member at Large
Erica Bennett, Director and Member at Large