The Broward Trust For Historic Preservation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to identifying, preserving, restoring and maintaining architectural heritage in Broward County, Florida.


A Historical Crime on Alhambra Street

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​Historic Annie Beck House and Education Center

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Fort Lauderdale City Commission Proclaimed Sunday, December 4th as Historic Holiday Home Tour Day! 

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To preserve, restore and enhance the historic character of Broward County, Florida while supporting historic preservation education and research. 

To advocate historic designation of significant buildings and districts throughout the County. 

To increase the involvement of residents and visitors in preserving the County's historic legacy.

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With the generosity of our members, donors, and sponsors, we are able to make a difference in our County, Cities, and Towns.

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For two decades Merrilyn Rathbun devoted herself to learning, knowing, and showing all things Fort Lauderdale, its history, its founders, its leaders, its architecture and its anecdotes.  Merrilyn was a researcher at the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society from 1997-2000 then director of Research Services from 2000-2017

  • The greatest power to preserve is in your hands. If we do not do it, who will?
  • Historic Preservation has long been recognized as an important and positive public policy throughout the United States, the state of Florida, and Broward County. With government as our guide we can establish direction, priorities, and advocacy.
  • Historic preservation has resulted in enhancing the quality and character of Broward County communities and neighborhoods, It rests in your hands with our help. We can all work together to preserve our heritage. ​

Rathbun 80 - dies six days shy of her 81st birthday.

 Towers Apartments, Fort Lauderdale

 First Lutheran Evangelical Church

 Annie Beck House MAINTENANCE

3rd Annual Historic Homes Holiday Tour 2018

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The Fun & Sun History of Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Annie Beck House


In 1977, Mrs. Beck`s home of 61 years at 334 E. Las Olas Blvd. was moved to 310 SE 11th Ave and in 2008 the house was moved to Middle River Terrace Park. It is now The Annie Beck Educational Center, home of The Broward Trust for Historic Preservation

2018 PROCLAMATION - Steven Glassman -  our New Commissioner leading the charge


On January 31st we gathered to say farewell to Merrilyn Rathbun, research director, historian, preservationist,  and believer in historical designations. Merrilyn worked on historic designation applications for many of the preserved properties in Broward County. She shared her expertise with hundreds of authors, teachers, and property owners through the years. Moreover, she ensured that Florence Hardy's newspaper files were updated each day. Greatly missed Merrilyn was a Fort Lauderdale treasure and we already feel the loss of her expertise.  We thank those who joined us to celebrate her life.

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Written and Published July  28, 2017 by our very own Steven Glassman.  Go to our newest page "Latest Opinion" 




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